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There will play out a battle within the U.S., between the haves and the have nots!  Inspired by Egypt, made clear by the actions of Gov. Walker, the people of America are finally demanding the equal distribution of wealth building and wealth sharing within the United States.

All across the United States, some of these Republicans are acting like Dictators!

It is unfortunate that Wisconsin did have a Surplus but that Governor Walker gave it away to his business cronies, thereby creating a deficit.

The problem within the U.S., is an unequal distribution of wealth. Rich people and rich corporations pay little to no taxes while the middle class and working poor bear the burdens of taxes within the U.S.   The middle class and poor should not have to carry the burden of tax relief while Wall Street, Banks, Corporations, and Rich people pay very little, and in some cases no taxes at all, due to tax breaks, tax shelters and tax loopholes. This is wrong. And, if GOP are so Concerned about the deficit, then they would have never approved the Bush Tax Cuts, that benefit the wealthy and take from the rest of us -- They, the GOP, have RAPED this country!  Average Americans should not have to pay taxes to support wealthy oil companies!  Instead, Wall Street derivatives should be taxed -- There should be a 10 percent tax on all trades of stocks, bonds, derivatives, and other Wall Street financial instruments; that alone would generate billions of dollars annually!

In regards to entitlements, Medicare should be empowered to negotiate for the lowest drug price possible, which would save billions, yet they are forced to pay top dollar to the drug cartels (super pharmaceuticals), because the GOP are more concerned with big-business than the little people on Main Street. So I support the people in Wisconsin, not the Union Leaders, but the people's rights to be able to bargain.  The GOP argument to this is that union employees should live like the rest of the employees who do not have the same benefits. Well then,  the rich people should live by those same standards and not be given special privileges and perks that take from the country and rob the rest of us.  Give back your tax break.  Refuse to use tax loopholes and shelters.  Start paying your fair share!  

Thank you  Governor Walker, the Lines of Demarcation have now been drawn!

Also, what you won’t see about the new budget:

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  •  I, for one, have no problem whatsoever, with (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Regina in a Sears Kit House

    the concept of redistributing downward the wealth that we as a society made, and that crony capitalism stole and directed upward in the Bush tax shift.

  •  bacalove - a 10% tax on trades? (0+ / 0-)

    Let me make sure I understand your proposal. I buy 100 shares of XYZ company stock for $10 per share. I pay $1,000 plus another $100 transaction fee so my basis is $1,100. The stock does really well and appreciates 25% in a single year, an uncommon performance. I keep the stock for a year to qualify for long term capital gains and I sell it for !,250, but I owe a $125 transaction fee. My proceeds are $1,250 less the $125 or $1,125, less my total costs of $1,100 so I have a long term capital gain of $25 on which I owe a tax of $3.75 so my net gain is $21.25 and the total taxes and fees are $228.75. Is that what you really mean to suggest?

    A more extreme example would be if I purchased a 10 year Treasury note that pays 3% per year in interest. If it cost me an additional 10% to purchase it and 10% to sell it that would wipe out all the interest for nearly seven years. Why would anyone buy Treasury notes?

    There are a few markets around the world who have transaction fees. They are all a small FRACTION of 1%. If there was a transaction fee of 10% in the US, no securities would be traded here and the amount of revenue the fees would generate would be ZERO, not billions.

    "let's talk about that"

    by VClib on Fri Feb 18, 2011 at 02:10:11 PM PST

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